Saturday, February 21, 2009

El Camión - Part Deuce (not like pooping, just our second time)

I know know. I said we weren't going to the same taco truck and we were going to hit a new one every week. But this is different, assholes. We went back to El Camión for breakfast. So it doesn't count. Jerks.

Anyway. SLF and I were headed over to Port Townsend for a lovely weekend getaway. We decided that it would be a good idea to hit the road on a full stomach. Maybe get a cup of coffee and a couple tasty breakfast burritos.

I ordered the chorizo breakfast burrito, which is just like a regular burrito but with some eggs in it, but without lettuce, tomato, and the standard accoutrement. SLF had the vegetable breakfast burrito. It was filled with fajita style veggies and some scrambled egg, beans & rice. We also ordered a mexican hot chocolate, which sounds more like some disgusting sexual thing that I would have to get SLF really drunk in order to try. Ok, that was a lie. She'd have to get me real drunk.

We drank the cocoa while we waited for the food. You can see by the look on SLF's face that it was actually disgusting.

No no, it was quite delicious. The cocoa was just very hot. That is why SLF was making the face. It tasted like it had a bunch of cinnamon, maybe nutmeg. But SLF is telling me that I am stupid for thinking it is nutmeg. I think I will have to punch her later. It also tasted like it had some whipped egg in it. I'm no Mexican, so I don't know how they make their cocoa. So up yours for thinking I'm an idiot. The cocoa was goddamn delicious.

Then came the burritos. Holy damn. This was not like eating a nice quaint little breakfast burrito. This is like eating a small person. A small delicious person.

They were pretty fun to eat. We just had to sit them up on end, unwrap them like a bean filled banana and drop down on it like we were Paris Hilton and there was a video camera in front of us.

We couldn't finish them. But we tried our damnedest. We got them down to the point where they were almost as small as baby.

These things were good. And I didn't even have to shit my pants immediately after. If I gave this place an 8 before, I bump it up to 10 golden roaches. Go there. Go there now. Love it.

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  1. there is a small animal protruding from slf's chest.

    I thought you should know.