Sunday, February 15, 2009

Taqueria's Los Amigos

This week finds us late on a Sunday evening not realizing we had failed to hit up any Taco trucks yet. So off we went, driving in the dark. Me with my poor vision, and SLF unable to see over the dashboard, our chances seemed slim.

We were running out of Highway 99, and having passed several closed Taco trucks things were looking grim. Then finally, like a beacon shining in the light, there was a empty desolate parking lot with one lonely truck, surrounded by empty packing crates.

We found Taqueria's Los Amigos, translated to American means "Taqueria's The Friendly." I was happy to find a place that was the friendly.

The menu was pretty standard. They had a 'value menu' type thing. $5 will get you the entree and a soda. SLF ordered the chicken burrito. I ordered the chicken sopitos, a coke and we split an order of rice and beans. They didn't have any Mexican coke. They did have other fruity Mexican sodas, which I did not partake.

This truck didn't look like anything special, but there were two groups of Mexicans there. We were hopeful.

The burrito looked big, and the sopitos looked pretty fancy. The beans looked very watery and the rice rice.

The burrito was large and tasty. SLF wanted it noted that it came with a half an onion seasoned with what she believes to have been a red colored season of some sort. She said it was very delicious. Actually, she won't shut the fuck up about it. So I had to hit her.

Alright, I didn't hit her. Her eye just got itchy and watery, so I had her hold a cold paper towel over it.

Anyway, who gives a shit, right?

The sopitos were tasty. A little crunchy and still soft and chewy. I enjoyed them muchly. I'll pass on the rice and beans next time. The beans were watery and the rice were bland. Clearly, they didn't use enough lard.

This has not been my favorite place, but pretty respectable and they are open late on a Sunday. So if you ever find yourself way north on Highway 99, past the Costco, up into Snohomish County, across the street from what appears to be a Korean strip mall and you've got a hankering for some burritos and sopitos, stop on in. You won't be too disappointed. Now look, a real live Mexican car!


  1. Just admit it. You gave her a crying juanita.

  2. Next time just keep heading north and you'll find a whole new world of mexican taco stands next door to korean shopping centers and home improvement warehouses. I think there's one by the porn barn too.

    I wanna play with you guys sometime.

  3. Actually, right across the street were several Korean shopping centers. We drove pretty far north.