Monday, April 27, 2009

Tacos El Asadero

People keep telling me about this place down on Rainier that is supposed to be OMG THE BEST TACOS IN HTE WPRLD!! I try to go to these trucks with no preconceived notions, but this was pretty unavoidable. Because of that, I've been putting off going to this truck. I finally caved and went with my friend Eric. I was trying to entertain him and keep him busy while his wife, Camie was busy not having a fucking baby. (They finally did, just shy of 2 weeks overdue).

But I will not review that trip. I will review the trip I took with the SLF.

This is actually the 2nd taco bus that I have been to. They aren't as common as the normal truck you just walk up to. They sure are fun.

This is a picture of something that wasn't actually mine. I thought it was. And I took a picture of it thinking it was something that I ordered. I am not very smart. It was returned to the lady that ordered it. That is my Mexican Coke though.

This is a mulita. I had never had one. They take meat and put it between a couple of tortillas with some cheese and then the cook it. So as far as I can tell it's pretty much just like a quesadilla. Which is good.

Look at the stretchy cheesy goodness.

Of course I need to test out the rice & beans. They were good. I'm still looking for some that can top the rice & beans of El Camion.

I think I had an Asada and Adobada taco. They were excellent.

Baby had a chicken burrito. Now, when I first went here I ordered a chicken burrito and it was fucking awesome. Full of meat and beans and rice and spicy. It was so good. This burrito seen above was not that good. There was not much meat. It was as though they were scraping the bottom of the pan. The inconsistency is saddening.

Mmmmm messican coke.

If not for the poor quality of the burrito, I would have given this place 8 solid golden roaches. It loses 1 roach due to the inconsistent burrito filling, so they only get a 7. But I do highly recommend it. Tacos are truly one of the worlds greatest foods.

I love you all.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Taqueria La Fondita #2

We hadn't planned on hitting up a new taco truck today, but one of SLF's clients left her wallet in the car, so we had to drive down to Burien to return it. Luckily Burien is full of a ton of immigrants and crappy neighborhoods. Which is the perfect scenario for taco trucks. We passed a couple, and then decided on stopping at Taqueria La Fondita Numbero Two-oh.

It was a pretty nice looking truck. They had a nice tent behind the truck with some big comfy picnic tables and benches. It's one of the few trucks we've come across that had a space heater in the tent to keep us warm while we ate.

It was your standard menu. Instead of going for my normal 3 tacos of various meats, I went for the special. The Chimichunga. I have no idea what a chimichunga actually is. Apparently it is a deep fried burrito.

I also got one taco. I feel

I need to have at least one taco in order to give a good review. SLF got a burrito. Dude, chimichungas are awesome. I'm gonna start deep frying everything. I'm gonna take the two best things in the world, sex and deep frying, and try to put them together. This can only end up great. My taco was above average. Rice and beans were decent. SLF enjoyed the burrito.

I liked this truck. The food was good. Prices were good, and it was a nice ambiance, once we got into the tent away from the skeevy gang members. If I ever feel like risking my life, or joining a gang, I'll definitely go back. I'll give them a solid 8 golden roaches.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rancho Bravo: Update

Rancho Bravo has opened up an actual restaurant up on Capitol Hill, where the KFC used to be. I haven't been there yet, but I have heard great reviews.

So those of you too pussy to eat food cooked in a truck, you can now enjoy some delicious taco truck tacos in the safety of a former disgusting failed fast food restaurant.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ricas Tacos

I know, I know. It's been a month since I've updated. I know you were all on the edge of your seats, and been all like "Yo, dog. What the dilly yo with the taco blog 'n shit?" and I'm all like "Dude, when did it get all New Jack City up in here?"

But it's been a busy month. The SLF and I have moved in together and we are acting all grown up, but living in sin. Just because I haven't been updating the blog, doesn't mean we haven't been gorging ourselves on the delectable delights that only a greasy taco truck can provide. This is actually one of 3 updates I need to do. So hold on to your hats.

Today we went way up in Shoreline. This truck, which I think is called Ricas Tacos, is located across the street from Goodwill on 145th.

I try to go into a taco truck with no preconceived notions about the quality of the meat I am about put down my throat, much like George Michael in the dirty, poorly lit bathrooms at a park. But I had high hopes for this truck. There was a crudely drawn portrait of Homer J. Simpson on the side. And how can Homer be wrong about food?

SLF and I were both excited about this truck. It had been there for years. If can withstand the test of time, it has to be at least ok. SLF could barely wait to wrap her lips around that thick tube.

Please observe the spread above. SLF had the chicken burrito, and I had my usual 3 tacos with various meats, and rice and beans.

Well, it had so much going for it. Ok, it only really had Homer going for it. This place was not good. It was overly greasy. I felt that all 3 different meats in the tacos were rubbery and had little taste. The rice and beans were decent, but I'm not going to go to a place just for the rice and beans.

Jonny Loser and his tummy give this place their lowest rating yet, 4 golden roaches. I was so very disappointed. Not so much in the taco truck, but in Homer J. Simpson. Homer, I thought I knew you.