Saturday, February 7, 2009

El Camión

This is actually the 2nd stop on the Taco Trail. While dining at a Taco Bus a few weeks ago, The Special Lady Friend and I gave birth to the idea of a Taco Truck Blog. I won't mention what I had to give birth to after we ate.

Our second stop was a little Taco Wagon in the Home Depot Parking lot up on Aurora, El Camión, which translates to "The Truck."

The ambiance was very nice. There was some lovely traditional Mexican music playing which the SLF and I danced to while waiting for our food. There was also a fake lizard on a tree.

I ordered 3 tacos. Chorizo, Asada, and Pollo. SLF ordered a chicken tamale and a fish taco. An actual taco that is filled with fish. Not the vagina the smells like fish. And we split an order of rice and beans. Much to my delight, they had mexican coke on the menu. Much to my dismay, it was actually just Coca-cola from Mexico. Mucher to my dismay, they were out. But if anyone has the chance to drink some Coke from Mexico, drink it. It is much tastier than what gets served here in the states.

SLF was pretty impressed with her fish taco, as I usually am with her fish taco (the vagina kind). Since I don't eat fish, I didn't really care. But she was impressed that the fish itself was not breaded and deep fried as it is fairly often when on a taco.

My Tacos were pretty tasty. Not the best I've had, but probably the best for the price. The rice and beans were excellent.

If I were to recommend only one item from The Truck, it would absolutely hands down be the tamale. In the past, I have ordered tamales and I have been greatly dissapointed. It has all these things that I think I would love, but they also end up tasting like wet dough. But this tamale has brought me back. I loved it. I wanted more.

Overall, this place was great. I'd give it an 8 out of 10. There were clean places to sit and eat. The prices were very reasonable ($1.30/taco, $2.00 for a big tamale), the food was well above average. There were several other items on the menu I wanted to try. I will hopefully be back again soon.


  1. hooray for taco trucks.
    now i'm hungry

  2. That's all well and good, but how's your asshole? I'm not visiting a hardware store parking lot taco truck unless I know I won't be shitting out my innards later. You're living on the edge, man.

  3. Grow some balls, Brooke. Sometimes you have to risk your ass for a great taco.

    That is true on many levels.