Saturday, February 21, 2009

El Camión - Part Deuce (not like pooping, just our second time)

I know know. I said we weren't going to the same taco truck and we were going to hit a new one every week. But this is different, assholes. We went back to El Camión for breakfast. So it doesn't count. Jerks.

Anyway. SLF and I were headed over to Port Townsend for a lovely weekend getaway. We decided that it would be a good idea to hit the road on a full stomach. Maybe get a cup of coffee and a couple tasty breakfast burritos.

I ordered the chorizo breakfast burrito, which is just like a regular burrito but with some eggs in it, but without lettuce, tomato, and the standard accoutrement. SLF had the vegetable breakfast burrito. It was filled with fajita style veggies and some scrambled egg, beans & rice. We also ordered a mexican hot chocolate, which sounds more like some disgusting sexual thing that I would have to get SLF really drunk in order to try. Ok, that was a lie. She'd have to get me real drunk.

We drank the cocoa while we waited for the food. You can see by the look on SLF's face that it was actually disgusting.

No no, it was quite delicious. The cocoa was just very hot. That is why SLF was making the face. It tasted like it had a bunch of cinnamon, maybe nutmeg. But SLF is telling me that I am stupid for thinking it is nutmeg. I think I will have to punch her later. It also tasted like it had some whipped egg in it. I'm no Mexican, so I don't know how they make their cocoa. So up yours for thinking I'm an idiot. The cocoa was goddamn delicious.

Then came the burritos. Holy damn. This was not like eating a nice quaint little breakfast burrito. This is like eating a small person. A small delicious person.

They were pretty fun to eat. We just had to sit them up on end, unwrap them like a bean filled banana and drop down on it like we were Paris Hilton and there was a video camera in front of us.

We couldn't finish them. But we tried our damnedest. We got them down to the point where they were almost as small as baby.

These things were good. And I didn't even have to shit my pants immediately after. If I gave this place an 8 before, I bump it up to 10 golden roaches. Go there. Go there now. Love it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Taqueria's Los Amigos

This week finds us late on a Sunday evening not realizing we had failed to hit up any Taco trucks yet. So off we went, driving in the dark. Me with my poor vision, and SLF unable to see over the dashboard, our chances seemed slim.

We were running out of Highway 99, and having passed several closed Taco trucks things were looking grim. Then finally, like a beacon shining in the light, there was a empty desolate parking lot with one lonely truck, surrounded by empty packing crates.

We found Taqueria's Los Amigos, translated to American means "Taqueria's The Friendly." I was happy to find a place that was the friendly.

The menu was pretty standard. They had a 'value menu' type thing. $5 will get you the entree and a soda. SLF ordered the chicken burrito. I ordered the chicken sopitos, a coke and we split an order of rice and beans. They didn't have any Mexican coke. They did have other fruity Mexican sodas, which I did not partake.

This truck didn't look like anything special, but there were two groups of Mexicans there. We were hopeful.

The burrito looked big, and the sopitos looked pretty fancy. The beans looked very watery and the rice rice.

The burrito was large and tasty. SLF wanted it noted that it came with a half an onion seasoned with what she believes to have been a red colored season of some sort. She said it was very delicious. Actually, she won't shut the fuck up about it. So I had to hit her.

Alright, I didn't hit her. Her eye just got itchy and watery, so I had her hold a cold paper towel over it.

Anyway, who gives a shit, right?

The sopitos were tasty. A little crunchy and still soft and chewy. I enjoyed them muchly. I'll pass on the rice and beans next time. The beans were watery and the rice were bland. Clearly, they didn't use enough lard.

This has not been my favorite place, but pretty respectable and they are open late on a Sunday. So if you ever find yourself way north on Highway 99, past the Costco, up into Snohomish County, across the street from what appears to be a Korean strip mall and you've got a hankering for some burritos and sopitos, stop on in. You won't be too disappointed. Now look, a real live Mexican car!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

El Camión

This is actually the 2nd stop on the Taco Trail. While dining at a Taco Bus a few weeks ago, The Special Lady Friend and I gave birth to the idea of a Taco Truck Blog. I won't mention what I had to give birth to after we ate.

Our second stop was a little Taco Wagon in the Home Depot Parking lot up on Aurora, El Camión, which translates to "The Truck."

The ambiance was very nice. There was some lovely traditional Mexican music playing which the SLF and I danced to while waiting for our food. There was also a fake lizard on a tree.

I ordered 3 tacos. Chorizo, Asada, and Pollo. SLF ordered a chicken tamale and a fish taco. An actual taco that is filled with fish. Not the vagina the smells like fish. And we split an order of rice and beans. Much to my delight, they had mexican coke on the menu. Much to my dismay, it was actually just Coca-cola from Mexico. Mucher to my dismay, they were out. But if anyone has the chance to drink some Coke from Mexico, drink it. It is much tastier than what gets served here in the states.

SLF was pretty impressed with her fish taco, as I usually am with her fish taco (the vagina kind). Since I don't eat fish, I didn't really care. But she was impressed that the fish itself was not breaded and deep fried as it is fairly often when on a taco.

My Tacos were pretty tasty. Not the best I've had, but probably the best for the price. The rice and beans were excellent.

If I were to recommend only one item from The Truck, it would absolutely hands down be the tamale. In the past, I have ordered tamales and I have been greatly dissapointed. It has all these things that I think I would love, but they also end up tasting like wet dough. But this tamale has brought me back. I loved it. I wanted more.

Overall, this place was great. I'd give it an 8 out of 10. There were clean places to sit and eat. The prices were very reasonable ($1.30/taco, $2.00 for a big tamale), the food was well above average. There were several other items on the menu I wanted to try. I will hopefully be back again soon.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Taco Blog Begins

Roach Coach, Taco Truck, Diarrhea Mobile, whatever you want to call them. They have been popping up all over Seattle for the past few years. While I have my regular Taqueria that I frequent without fear of my ass exploding, I felt I needed to venture out of my comfort zone and experiment with some possibly salmonella or E-coli tainted food, to quell my own curiosities and also provide decent reviews for anyone interested in eating delicious authentic Mexican food without fear of a mass exodus of your colon.

The plan is to hit a different taco truck every week, and update this blog with a new review within a few days.

I love you all very much.