Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rancho Bravo Taco

This week's edition finds us at Rancho Bravo Taco on 45th street in the U-District, in the Winchell's Donuts parking lot. There were several people ordering and waiting for their food when we showed up. It's hard to take that as a good sign as the place is located right in the U-district, down the street from a head shop and surrounded by stoned college students.

After staring at their menu for a few minutes, I decided to get a few tacos. I ordered a Chicken Mole, Al Pastor, and Carnitas taco. Of course we ordered a side of rice and beans. Again, I find myself dissapointed at the lack of Mexican Coke. SLF ordered a chicken tamale.

As you can see, that is in fact not a goddamn delicious chicken tamale. It is a quesadilla. They were out of tamales. The guy in front of us got the last one. I considered murdering him, but the parking lot was fairly well lit, and while I have been losing weight, I am still rather portly and not what one would call "fleet of foot." So I didn't. I had a bite of the quesidilla, and I thought it was very good. SLF liked it, but she wasn't really expecting it to be as much of a gut bomb as it ended up being. So, if you aren't that hungry and you just want a snack, don't order it. If you are stoned and hungry, order three.

While eating our food and had a pleasant conversation with the gentleman sitting across from us regarding this taco truck.

He has been frequenting this particular truck for 7 years or so. He has followed it to 3 or 4 different locations. He has only been able to get their tamales a few times, as they run out pretty quickly. Apparently they are amazing. Too bad I couldn't tell you.

The rice and beans were very good. As you can see, Baby enjoyed them. This is the first place so far that actually gave you the option of black beans rather than pinto. So far I've found that it's either or.

I really liked the tacos. They are bigger here than at other trucks we have been to. The mole taco was great, and so was the carnitas. The Al Pastor taco takes the cake. If you go to this truck, first I'd recommend the elusive tamale. If they are out, which they probably will be, get the Al Pastor. It was delicious. I would absolutely go to this truck again. I'd give it 8 golden roaches. Plus, their sign is bitchen.

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  1. Is that a roid-raged moose, or a bull on that sign?