Saturday, April 25, 2009

Taqueria La Fondita #2

We hadn't planned on hitting up a new taco truck today, but one of SLF's clients left her wallet in the car, so we had to drive down to Burien to return it. Luckily Burien is full of a ton of immigrants and crappy neighborhoods. Which is the perfect scenario for taco trucks. We passed a couple, and then decided on stopping at Taqueria La Fondita Numbero Two-oh.

It was a pretty nice looking truck. They had a nice tent behind the truck with some big comfy picnic tables and benches. It's one of the few trucks we've come across that had a space heater in the tent to keep us warm while we ate.

It was your standard menu. Instead of going for my normal 3 tacos of various meats, I went for the special. The Chimichunga. I have no idea what a chimichunga actually is. Apparently it is a deep fried burrito.

I also got one taco. I feel

I need to have at least one taco in order to give a good review. SLF got a burrito. Dude, chimichungas are awesome. I'm gonna start deep frying everything. I'm gonna take the two best things in the world, sex and deep frying, and try to put them together. This can only end up great. My taco was above average. Rice and beans were decent. SLF enjoyed the burrito.

I liked this truck. The food was good. Prices were good, and it was a nice ambiance, once we got into the tent away from the skeevy gang members. If I ever feel like risking my life, or joining a gang, I'll definitely go back. I'll give them a solid 8 golden roaches.


  1. 1. You suck at the Español.
    2. It is "chimichanga."
    3. It is more than just a deep fried burrito. A chimichanga is made with corn meal; a burrito uses a flour tortilla.
    4. You are right about one thing: they are damn good.

  2. I order Tacos Pork Adobada pretty often. Each time I order them, I say it totally wrong.

  3. How can deep fried sex possibly go wrong?

  4. This is in my 'hood,and I will defend the honor of White Center until the end.I go to this cart at least once a week,along with the Salvadorean Bakery (yes it is spelled that way),and THE BEST Taqueria Guaymas in town.White Center living is very sweet indeed.

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