Monday, April 27, 2009

Tacos El Asadero

People keep telling me about this place down on Rainier that is supposed to be OMG THE BEST TACOS IN HTE WPRLD!! I try to go to these trucks with no preconceived notions, but this was pretty unavoidable. Because of that, I've been putting off going to this truck. I finally caved and went with my friend Eric. I was trying to entertain him and keep him busy while his wife, Camie was busy not having a fucking baby. (They finally did, just shy of 2 weeks overdue).

But I will not review that trip. I will review the trip I took with the SLF.

This is actually the 2nd taco bus that I have been to. They aren't as common as the normal truck you just walk up to. They sure are fun.

This is a picture of something that wasn't actually mine. I thought it was. And I took a picture of it thinking it was something that I ordered. I am not very smart. It was returned to the lady that ordered it. That is my Mexican Coke though.

This is a mulita. I had never had one. They take meat and put it between a couple of tortillas with some cheese and then the cook it. So as far as I can tell it's pretty much just like a quesadilla. Which is good.

Look at the stretchy cheesy goodness.

Of course I need to test out the rice & beans. They were good. I'm still looking for some that can top the rice & beans of El Camion.

I think I had an Asada and Adobada taco. They were excellent.

Baby had a chicken burrito. Now, when I first went here I ordered a chicken burrito and it was fucking awesome. Full of meat and beans and rice and spicy. It was so good. This burrito seen above was not that good. There was not much meat. It was as though they were scraping the bottom of the pan. The inconsistency is saddening.

Mmmmm messican coke.

If not for the poor quality of the burrito, I would have given this place 8 solid golden roaches. It loses 1 roach due to the inconsistent burrito filling, so they only get a 7. But I do highly recommend it. Tacos are truly one of the worlds greatest foods.

I love you all.


  1. The bus looks intriguing, but what are they trying to hide inside that tent?

    I need to take you to taco station. It's a converted gas station, so technically not the same thing (they have running water). But the food is the same. And great.

  2. You can go and sit and eat in the tent. A lot of trucks have something like that.

  3. Obviously it wasn't as good because I wasn't there with you the 2nd time around. As we all know: I add flavor. I bring the meat. I am consistent. I am not the bottom of the pan.


  4. I just posted a comment and my "secret word" to type was "cocksaggin."

    That's definitely a new adjective.

    "That burrito was totally cocksaggin"